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Subaru Forester

The Forester is a middle-class crossover SUV manufactured and sold by SUBARU . Launched in 1997. The car name is common throughout the world.

"Forester" means "forestry person" or "forester" in English. Originally, it was planned to be released under a universal name as "Streega" like the concept model, but "strega" ("witch" in Italian), which is one of the etymology of Striga, was originally planned to be released in Europe. There seems to be a strong theory that it was changed to an unrelated "Forester" because it had a bad impression on witches or reminded us of the dark history of witch hunting.

It is classified as a crossover SUV because it shares the platform with the Impreza and has a monocoque structure. Although it is a crossover SUV, the cross sports series and "STI version" that have lowered the vehicle height to improve stability on paved roads are also set, and while ensuring the vehicle height that enables driving on rough roads, it is low. The combination of a high-power engine with a center of gravity ensures high running performance even on the road. Therefore, in all grades, "Symmetrical AWD" that combines a vertically installed horizontally opposed engine and four-wheel drive , which can be said to be SUBARU's identity, is adopted.

The forester line is currently in its fifth generation with first generation debuting in 1997

1st Generation SF Series (1997 - 2002)

Released (SF series) into three grades of "C/tb", "S/tb" and "T/tb", and the engine was only a 2.0 L turbo (250ps/31.2kgm). Subaru's first SRS side airbag (front seat) was adopted.

2nd Generation SG Series (2002 - 2007)

This is a full model change. The exterior is similar to previous generation, but it is 10-30 kg lighter than the first generation. The performance of the EJ20 turbo engine was reduced from 240ps to 220ps, ​​but the torque characteristics were improved to ease handling in town riding. In addition, it has was certified as a "good-low emission vehicle". The EJ25 type 2.5L NA that was available in the first generation disappeared. The naturally aspirated MT car continues to be equipped with the same dual range mechanism as the Lancaster . There are three grades, "X", "X20", and "XT". 

3rd Generation SH Series (2007 - 2012)

The vehicle height is higher than its predecessor, making it more like a crossover SUV. The body size has been slightly expanded for the purpose of taking into account the user's request for the comfort of the second-generation rear seats, but the rear overhang has been suppressed.

The transition from a crossover style of thin cabin station wagons SUV to a pure crossover SUV was controversial due to increase in weight however, contrary to its appearance, the weight increase is minimized, and the difference between the final SG type "CROSS SPORTS (MT)" and the initial SH type "XT (MT)" is 20 kg. (1,440 kg → 1,460 kg) In addition, the distance between the mirrors is 1 cm narrower than the previous model, and the minimum turning radius has been reduced (5.4 m → 5.3 m), and the maneuverability has been secured at the same level.

4th Generation SJ Series (2012 - 2018)

Announced in late 2012 this series used newer FB20 and FA20 Boxer engines For AT cars, the torque converter type 4AT was replaced with the CVT "Lineartronic" already used in other Subaru cars.

The exterior is designed with consideration for aerodynamic characteristics and functionality while having a strong presence like an SUV, and the lower end of the A pillar is extended 200 mm forward. 

5th Generation SK Series (2018 - )

The exterior design expresses the presence, strength, and functionality of an SUV based on the Subaru common design philosophy "DYNAMIC x SOLID". Although the body form itself has inherited the image of the predecessor, it is appealing that it is a "new model of Subaru" everywhere, such as adopting a C-shaped position lamp. The body size has been slightly expanded to +30 mm in total length, +20 mm in total width, and +30 mm in wheelbase. The overall height is 1,715 mm, which is the same as the predecessor, but the roof rail-equipped vehicle is 1,730 mm, which is 5 mm lower than the predecessor.

In this series all grades are only automatic continuously variable transmission "Lineartronic", and the 6MT car has been discontinued.