The suspension system is a irreplaceable piece of mechanical hardware that suspends the tires and takes on the vehicle's weight - with the help of the shock absorbers and struts. We may focus more on the engine, transmission, brakes, and tires, but the suspension is equally valuable and deserves proper maintenance. So when should you replace shocks and struts? 

When does it become dangerous? Keep this in mind the next time a bump in the road feels more jarring than it should. Maybe it’s time to take the car into a trusted mechanic and have your suspension thoroughly examined. Have you ever seen a shock or strut leaking? That means it cannot be doing its job properly and should absolutely be replaced.

Subaru suspension repair is not something that you should try to do by yourself. Instead, bring your car to us, and work with our team of trained professionals to ensure that your shocks and struts are keeping you and your loved ones safe. Doing this will drastically improve the handling and performance of many vehicles, even making it seem like the car handles like it is new. Crisp, clean, firm handling is expected out of every shock and strut replacement the FHG performs.