Special 100k Service


The timing belt in your engine is an incredibly important part not only for what it does, but also for the damage it can cause if it breaks. That's why it's important to have your timing belt replaced at the 100,000 km mark a service we offer here at FHG.

Our technicians will work hard to remove the old timing belt from the engine of your Subaru, replacing it with a brand new genuine Subaru timing belt and drive belt. If the timing belt breaks, it can cause massive damage and even destroy your engine. This service includes

  • Replace engine oil per specifications for your model
  • Replace filter with Genuine Subaru oil filter
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Rotate tires and set tire pressures
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Inspect Brake Pads and Discs
  • Check Axle Boots and Shafts (front & rear)
  • Inspect Brake Lines and check Brake system operation
  • Check operation of clutch system (if applicable)
  • Inspect Steering and Suspension systems
  • Inspect Wiper Blade condition
  • Replace Drive Belts
  • Replace Camshaft Drive Belt (if applicable)
  • Complete multi-point inspection